There are few things that must be done from the start on your website – Google Analytics is one of them. Digiwhiz understands the crucial role analytics plays in understanding your audience and tailoring your website content to give them the information they need, in the format they need and on the device they need.

We set up Google Analytics on your website as a foundation piece and become your online partner to give you all the insights on user activity on your website to improve performance and conversions.

We help you:

  • set up the right conversion goals on your website.
  • provide detailed traffic reports comprising unique visitation, bounce rates, traffic and device type, etc.
  • filter your data to remove duplicates, unwanted traffic so you can target the right traffic with the right content
  • integrate your analytics with Adwords and other Webmaster accounts, so all your research is in one place for you to study together and make the most of it.

Our Clients

We’re proud of working with some great businesses, providing best-in-class services that have been key in boosting their business outcomes.

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