Are you on the lookout for a social media marketing company in Melbourne, Australia that can start producing some serious ROI for your business? Digiwhiz can be your trusted social media marketing agency that can help you get real value out of your social media advertising, social marketing, community programs, etc. and create appealing content. Our full suite of social media services ensures you are on the right track for your social media strategy, identify the right social media channel for your business, develop guidelines for risk mitigation and management and create engaging yet relevant social media posts to attract the right traffic to your business.

There is no dearth of social media marketing agencies in Melbourne, but it takes years of hard work and an impressive list of clients from varied industries to stand out. Digiwhiz has that! We are here to constantly help you with the right social media marketing, so you are free to do other business-critical things and leave social media in the hands of the talented team at Digiwhiz. Whether you are after creative social campaigns, Instagram contests or community-building programs, we have the right skills to take you to the next level in social media marketing.

Facebook Marketing

facebook marketing

At Digiwhiz, we help you think beyond followers, shares and likes through your business Facebook page. We help you build audience through best-in-class Facebook marketing and convert that audience into customers.

We offer you end-to-end Facebook marketing services that include:

  • setting up your Facebook business profile
  • creating and designing Facebook ads and images for your page and publishing them
  • setting up paid Facebook campaigns, running them and monitoring them for conversions
  • group advertising for a relevant community to raise awareness of your business and generate leads.

Our experience across various industries has helped us achieve some record-breaking results for our clients with Facebook marketing. Whether you’re looking for tailor-made Facebook contests/campaigns or wanting to create a Facebook app, we’re your right social media partner. To expand your advertising on Facebook, to grow your results or to get started, contact the experts at Digiwhiz today.

Instagram Marketing

We’re a known name among small-to-medium businesses that need help shape their brand on social platforms such as Instagram.

We last time heard one of our reputed clients say we’re their social media agency for Instagram.

On Instagram, we can:

  • create posts  that bring in large-scale community conversations exploring your brand identity
  • be your strategic partner helping you along the way so you can get more followers, better connections  and higher engagement on your services
  • run effective contests and bring in more traffic
  • produce regular yet exceptional content that your customers can connect with and share further.
instragram marketing

Creative Social Campaigns (Facebook, LinkedIn Ads)

Creative social campaign

Your creative social media ads or campaigns will give you the right outcome only when they’re noticed. The social media experts at Digiwhiz can help you get that edge over your competitors for your ads so you get the right traffic and ROI from them.

Our professional social media team constantly monitors new social trends on your behalf and keeps you posted on how the social media landscape is changing, so you don’t miss out on happenings. We help you:

  • align your ad creative and content with your overall digital strategy and business vision
  • brainstorm an idea and bring it to fruition
  • execute the idea on the right social media channel and monitor its performance on a regular basis, so we can together improve it along the way.

We know social media can be risky at times – but that’s where our knowledge of the market and trends help forecast what might work and what might fail. Talk to us today if you’ve got an idea.

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