Digiwhiz provides stunning, professional and custom website development and design services in Melbourne and across Australia. Our professional team of web designers can create modern, tailor-made interactive websites for your business that work well on all devices. 

Regardless of your industry, the volume and quality of your leads are imperative to your success. The Digiwhiz team has the knowledge of digital trends and the experience to deliver a site that drives the growth of your business.

Whether you’re looking to create a new website or update your existing website, we are your most trusted web design company based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Content Management System (CMS-based) Websites

cms based website development

We help you build a website on a CMS that you can easily manage and update with little or no training in the long run. Are you a small-to-medium business looking for a simple website that does the job and that your small team can manage? A CMS website is your way to go:

We can build your CMS-based website that:

  • your team can maintain and edit on a regular basis without any technical training or knowledge.
  • you can add more content/functionality to as your business grows without adding any infrastructure costs.
  • can have an unlimited number of pages with a consistent look and feel.

Is it that simple? Yes, our team has delivered exceptional CMS-based websites that you can update and edit yourself in just one minute! See our portfolio of work for CMS-based website development services in Melbourne.

If all you need is a simple yet working website that you can manage yourself and publish changes in no time, discuss your requirements with our dedicated team at Digiwhiz today.

Responsive Websites

The world is going digital, and smart devices are on the rise. Is your website smart? Do you get proper website view on your phone, laptop, and tablet? Are your customers mostly on the go and need access to your services all the time? You need a responsive website that not only looks great on all devices, but is also equally usable on smaller devices like your phones as it is on your desktop.

That’s where Digiwhiz can help you with exceptional web design in Chelsea and wider Melbourne!

Our team of experts design, build and implement websites that use responsive technology, so your website is mobile, desktop, smart TVs, smart watches, etc. compatible. Latest updates from Google also rank responsive (mobile) websites higher than desktop-only sites – so you need us to make one for you!

We know how to build an amazing responsive website that ticks all the right boxes without breaking the bank for you. Talk to us today for your responsive web design ideas in Chelsea.

responsive website development

e-Commerce Websites


Need to see your products online and let customers process transactions through your website? Our expert team can offer you e-commerce web development services in Melbourne to help you create numerous categories and add/remove products from your e-commerce website and online catalogue. Whether you want your e-commerce website to look like a brochure or a customised listing based on your customers’ preferences, our in-depth experience will help you excel being an online merchant.

We, at Digiwhiz, know the right steps that can help you create your online store that does not only look contemporary and appealing but also converts visitors into buyers and happy customers.

Our e-commerce website services include:

  • professional, trendy website designs
  • powerful yet seamless shopping cart experience
  • an SEO-friendly website that helps get more traffic to your site
  • an easy-to-use web-hosting platform that is also quick to manage in the long run.

Conceptual Websites

Have a unique concept you’d like us to explore with us and convert it into a unique website? We’ve built conceptual websites for our clients that appreciate our understanding of their unique needs and converting their conceptual designs into unique, workable models or websites. You can also trust us fully to maintain confidentiality so your website concept remains unique forever - after all your business needs and vision are unique and so should be your website.

Having a conceptual website means:

  • it offers a unique experience to your customers – unmatched by your competitors
  • it brings a sense of ‘you’ in its design, layout and content.

Our team at Digiwhiz knows that there’s no excuse for a common design – bring us your unique concept and see how we build it into your website.

conceptual website development services

SEO Friendly Websites

seo friendly website development services

What’s a website that looks great but fails to attract the right audience online? We know the recipe for creating SEO-friendly websites, and we follow it strictly from step one. No matter which model, web-hosting platform or website type you choose, we’ll deliver it fully optimised for search engines by default.

Our team of experts follow SEO best practices, look for new market trends and ensure all the boxes are ticked for search engines to send the right traffic to your website, so you meet all your business goals.

Your business goals met is our vision accomplished! 

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