We’ve helped our clients stand out among their competitors through strategic digital marketing. Our team, at Digiwhiz, provides valuable business insights, analyses possible marketing solutions and suggests techniques that can help you grow faster and get the right outcomes from your online marketing initiatives. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Any SEO strategy done right can help maximise your digital presence. Our SEO experts work with you from the start and take you on the SEO journey by addressing its top three pillars:

  • Onsite optimisation: We ensure that your website ticks all the boxes in Google’s checklist, so it’s indexed properly. We also make it a point to recommend you keep updating and optimising your website content so your website’s performance is never at stake.
  • Content marketing: We also help you be strategic about your content and target the right audience. After all, just having good shareable content is not enough - it needs to reach the right audience too for an effective outcome.
  • Link acquisition: We help you overcome the biggest challenge in SEO – correct, trusted and authentic link building. Our knowledge of the industry and competitor analysis helps us get the right links for your website.

Adwords/Pay Per Click

Our job is to get high-quality audience (traffic) to your website, your job is to ensure that traffic receives the information/service they’re after on your website. That’s where we see our association working to its full potential. We understand how important it is for your business to be visible and listed at the top of Google search results.

Our PPC expertise helps you get the right traffic by tailoring Google Ads as per their search queries. Our expert team, at Digiwhiz, understands how Google works to write your ad, perform keyword analysis and research and constantly optimise your campaign to get the bang for the buck. Our Google Adwords and PPC services are unmatched – we’ve taken our clients on the road to success through our PPC program.

We’re your trusted online marketer to discuss your Google Adwords requirement and help you make the most out of PPC – a model that is one of the most effective online marketing channels. 

Pay per click services

Google Analytics


There are few things that must be done from the start on your website – Google Analytics is one of them. Digiwhiz understands the crucial role analytics plays in understanding your audience and tailoring your website content to give them the information they need, in the format they need and on the device they need.

We set up Google Analytics on your website as a foundation piece and become your online partner to give you all the insights on user activity on your website to improve performance and conversions.

We help you:

  • set up the right conversion goals on your website.
  • provide detailed traffic reports comprising unique visitation, bounce rates, traffic and device type, etc.
  • filter your data to remove duplicates, unwanted traffic so you can target the right traffic with the right content
  • integrate your analytics with Adwords and other Webmaster accounts, so all your research is in one place for you to study together and make the most of it